Lonnie's Audio
(The audio division of AVLifesavers)

I'm happy to help you assess your situation & help you determine if any of our products are appropriate.
While I'm also happy to listen to new product suggestions, I DO NOT do custom one-off projects as they are way too time consuming.

Lonnie Bedell, owner

Email: lonnie@lonniesaudio.com
Text: 617-433-7480 (no phone calls please)

General FAQ
*** Shipping is so big it has it's own FAQ ***
Q) Do you keep stock or make items to order?
A) I keep some stock of virtually all items for immediate shipment. Levels vary seasonally. If I get a slew of orders & run out, I can usually get it made that day or the next.

Q) What is your return policy?
A) Anybody can return any product within 60 days for a full refund, no reason needed. Ship back to the address on the package. If you need that, email me.

Q) What handles your credit card processing?
A) Shopify.

Q) What are you located?
A) Northern NH. Everything ships out from here.

Q) Do supply chain problems affect production?
A) I stocked up on parts big time spring & summer 2022. There were a few minor hiccups, but nothing that ever affected getting an order out. I don't forsee any issues for 2023.

Q) What is the answer to the universe?
A) 42. Douglas Adams told me.