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"Hey Lonnie, I've had a chance to use your mini mixer quite a few times now. It is a GREAT tool to have in the system."

- Joe Dodson (La Crosse, WI)

"We're LOVING it, Lonnie! It's the perfect solution to a problem we were having with a very compact band mix setup we're using. Now everyone sends an XLR to the singer/band leader, he sets the mix for the band, we send one line out to the PA and it always sounds great. Thanks so much for helping us sound so good! And thanks for the followup, too. Best wishes -- Jeff"

- Jeff Hallock (Fresno, CA)

"It works great. I use it with a Fishman SA220 when my daughter sings with me. I can use the mini mixer to run both of our mics into channel one. Keeps me from having to lug, hook up, and plug in my 8 channel mixer. Great product! Thank you"

- Brett Cooley (Lake Charles, LA)

"Killer! I could only run three XLR into my Bose mixer. Now I have five on my one man deal. Into your box goes snare, hi hat and guitar mic and then into the Bose. Direct into the Bose is VOX and kick. Killer! The Mini XLR Mixer made it happen. No extra boxes/racks etc because it is so small. All the best, Lucky"

- Lucky Beall (Lexington, SC)

"I really love the mini mixer as it really helps me when playing at a festival like this where the sound company has limited inputs designated for drums/ toms. I haven't run into a situation where I didn't have one of my toms mic'd for lack of an input since receiving the mini mixer."

- Alan Cole (Laurel, DE)

"Your mini mixer is just what we needed. A perfect mix (pun intended) for us and the Fishman. We mainly play small venues, so your mixer and the Fishman is ideal for my guitar in one channel and two 58 vocal mikes and a 57 on the cajon in the xlr channel. For larger venues, we still use this setup for the mix and monitor and simply run a line out to the board. Works Like charm! Great product that is built like a tank."

- Larry Speight (Dexter, MO)

"Lonnie - the little mixer works fine. I used it last weekend with our PA to add mics for a trio. The amp is battery powered and is my go to sys for weddings on the beach, in the garden, forest etc. but only has 3 xlr ins. So the Lifesaver 3>1 is the perfect addition. I also enjoyed your articles on corp a/v. They totally ring true in my experience."

- Eric Torgerson (Kapaa, HI)

"Hi Lonnie, It is working out well! I am using it to mix the signals from 2 separate mic�d guitar cabinets to a single FOH feed. Great idea and great product! Thanks, Steve"

- Steve Clay (Camp Hill, PA)

"Quite nicely actually-running all of our drummers toms thru it---I have a presonus 16.4.2 and always seem to need 17 channels-the mixer fills the void. Thanks"

- Greg Percy (Monona, WI)

"Using the unit for my drums, running the 3 closest in tone thru it, to one channel on the board, works great!"

- Sean Cortimilia (Berea, OH)

"Its Awesome! Greatest present I got from my wife."

- DJ Brandy Molina (Westbury, NY)

"I used this yesterday with my DJ controller at a XMAS TREE LIGHTING , where I needed mics for me, master of ceremony needed one, and I used lavalier's for kids singing Christmas carols, a girl also accapella the national anthem Hooked in to a mic, this small piece made all this possible , coolest and best $99 I've ever spent In my 12 years of mobile gigs and different things!!! Works great and can control the knobs for who needs to be louder or lower, love it."

- DJ Josh Merritt (Atlantic, VA)

"Used it for the first time this weekend and loved it."

- DJ Danny Gee (Colonia, NJ)

"I use the Mini XLR Mixer as a standard feature because most DJ mixers only have 1 mic input. When presenting the Best Man/Maid of Honor to lead the toast, it is more professional if you don�t have to run the mic back and forth from the DJ to the Head Table. It also functions very well when I have to run Lapel Mics to an Officiant when conducting a Wedding Ceremony. I also use it when presenting guest speakers at corporate events."

- DJ Hugo Gomez (Daly City, CA)

"Knew on Monday that my gig the coming Saturday required me to provide 3 wireless mics for the ceremony. Ordered the mini XLR mixer, which arrived on Friday. Without playing with it or testing it, I showed up, wired up and connected the unit to my board via an xlr cable then patched in 2 wireless lavs and a wireless handheld.

BRILLIANT. And it simply worked JUST as promised.

The beauty of it was the individual volume controls ON the unit for each mic. Set one master volume on the board then control each mic separately with these knobs. I was able to 'modulate' volumes to compensate for differences in speaking styles and projection as well as individually 'tweak' them when interferences from wind, movement, etc. intermittently occurred.

This is a MUST HAVE in your rig. Glad I got mine before Lonnie figures out they should be priced a LOT higher"

- DJ Bill Clements (Salisbury, NC)

"I was DJing a wedding this past weekend with a family from Nashville. They wanted to play a song for the bride. I had no idea this was happening until a few minutes before and I only had 4 inputs on my sound board. I pulled out the AV lifesaver and was able to accommodate their sound needs. THANK YOU!"

- DJ Jeremy Hersch (El Cajon, CA)

"Thank you and I love the product."

- DJ Joe Peralis/Firedog Entertainment (Chantilly, VA)

"Hi Lonnie, love it. It works perfectly for the purpose I bought it for. It will be a very handy item to have in my gig box. Thanks!"

- DJ Jack Brown (Highland, MI)

AV & Live Sound Companies
"Thanks, Lonnie. I love the first one I bought. The new one is for a customer install. You make great products."

- John Fullerton (Villas, NJ)

"Awesome! Had a sitch where i ran out of channels due to the 'oh by the ways' of a client and the mixer saved the day! Thanks again!"

- Jeff Hamilton/Hamtone Audio (Milwaukee, WI)

"You can buy a used mixer for the same money, but it won't fit in your pocket or in your soundman's 'Oh Shit' kit. This little guy is worth it."

- Vaughn Coomer / Rainbow Audio Visual (Dallas, TX)

"just used sat for a neil diamond tribute act, its working great , I used it for drums , toms ! frees up my Mackie dl 1608 making it a 18 channel ! love it, recommended to my sound guy /staff. thanx !"

- Mike Festa/Pro Sound Rentals (East Meadow, NY)

"Hello Lonnie, the little mixers are working out great. When I do small gigs and and don't have to use my large mixers, these little mixers allow me to use more channels on the main mixer for instruments and if I need mics for a vocal ensemble it helps to use only a couple channels in the main mixer. Pretty cool. Thank you so much and you have other products that I might be purchasing in the future. Take Care Don "

- Don Hicks (Bakersfield, CA)

"Thanks for the follow up. I've used it once, and it worked great. Definitely comes to every gig w me in my mic case, for the next time I have a drummer that insists on having each of his 6 toms mic'd. Good work!"

- Ryan Leonardo/Davinci Sound & Vision (Fairfax, VA)

"Working great! We had a big concert last week and it saved me from having to use my Mackie board. Great job!. "

- Mike Jackson/Creative Audio Productions (Mooresville, NC)

"I like using 2 or 3 mics on congas into 1 channel, eq-ing 2 or 3 mics together as one instrument. When pinched for inputs, the mini mixer really is a lifesaver. I should have 2 of these things."

- Jeanne York (Redway, CA)

...and many others
"Saved an open mic with it! The host ran out of mic inputs, I pulled out my microphones, stand and the mini mixer....problem solved! Also used it extensively for band practice when all we had was a 4 channel mixer. It gave me the extra channnels we needed. I WILL NEVER be caught without it in my gig bag!"

- Robert Congdon (Cheektowaga, NY)

"Lonnie, thanks for the check-in. Working as advertised and as expected. Really a nice add to my rig. Have even tried subgrouping vocalists to run the summed channel through a harmonizer/ processor, with some good (and interesting) results! Kudos!"

- Steve Hanson (Brentwood, CA)

"Hi Lonnie, It�s fine. A great little mixer!"

- Neil

"I use the mini mixer on a regular basis. I use Shure Wireless mics. I run the wireless receivers into the mixer, and then send a single feed into my PA for my vocals. This works quite well. I am quite pleased with your product. "

- Craig Seavey (Miami, FL)

"Awesome. Saved my ass in two gigs already. Great product."

- Mark Lehi Jones (Atlanta, GA)

"It's working fantastic! Thinking about getting another one! Keep up the good work."

- Lamar Clark (Belton, MO)

"Lonnie..IT sounds fantastic! Thank you very much for making it!!! Very beautiful to look at it too."

- Pawel Wdowczak (W.Hollywood, CA)

"Hi, Lonnie! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you! The mixer is working out great! I'm using it for recording my guitar amps. I have 3 mics set up, and I'm using the mixer to blend them before I run them through the mic pre. This way I can do everything without leaving my chair :) Thank you!"

- Alexander Knutsen (Saugus, MA)

"Thanks for checking � it works great, glad to have it! Working flawlessly. Thanks again, Blessings always, Rick"

- Rick Jackson (Vancouver, WA)

"Working great, just as I hoped it would. I use it to run the mics at our churches Easter Musical as well as other events, I have to run the music CD for the choir from the front of the church by the director, I had no way of adjusting the individual mics used for soloist as the mixer is in the back of church and I am a one man crew. So I came across your little mixer, I plug it into one of the mic lines and run the 3 soloist mics into it and like magic I can now control and adjust the soloist mics from the front of church. I tried a couple of other inline volume controls previously and they sent so much static through the PA when you used them to adjust the volume, there was no way they could be used. Yours works perfect and is dead silent, I could actually use one with 5 or 6 mic lines in it, lol. I am a very satisfied customer and your little mixer worked great for me. Jim "

- Jim Wintz (Batesville, IN)

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