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8 Tips for getting most out of your
wireless lavalier microphone
Tip #1: Change the batteries every 4 hours. It might make it much longer...or it might not.
Tip #2: Don't be tempted to reuse old batteries. Regular alkaline batteries tend to bounce back higher the next day, then die quickly while you're using the mic.
Tip #3: Put the wireless beltpack either in front, or in a jacket pocket. The reason is because wireless transmission is line of sight. If it's in back, and your body is in the way, the signal will be that much weaker.
Tip #4: Don't put the wireless beltpack next to a cell phone. Two transmitters right next to each other is just pushing your luck.
Tip #5: Don't use typical store bought rechargeable batteries. I know it stinks to be throwing out batteries, but a) rechargeable batteries don't have as much voltage (1.25 volts vs 1.5 volts for AA) & b) They tend to hold a steady charge, then die suddenly. Shure now makes a special rechargeable pack that seems promising.
Tip #6: Have the tech crew position the receiver's antenna as close as possible to where you will be standing most of the time. Shure makes "paddle" antennas that are directional, so they resist outside interference better. That means less "drop outs" (when the sound just goes away temporarily) during the service.
Tip #7: If there's a possibility the beltpack power could be switched off accidently, you might want to tape over the power switch, or use Shure's "powerlock" function.
Tip #8: If there is more than one wireless mic, have your tech crew make sure no one else is on your frequency, or even close. All sorts of horrible sounds emanate when 2 mics transmit on the same frequency. You don't want to know!

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